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Let’s face it: we’re all way too busy these days!  Thankfully in this fabulous age of Amazon one-hour delivery, movie rentals right right from your Apple TV (‘cause no one really has the energy to put on pants to go to all the way to a Red Box, amiright?), there’s also Subscription Boxes. 
So - you get your dog some treats and toys each month, and you get your razors delivered each month, and there's numerous choices for beauty products or prepared meals... now get ready, ‘cause the next best thing to hit your mailbox each month is coming to you May 1st: 

JARDI chocolates presents Garden Box!

Oh yea, we went there.  Each month you can feed your chocolate habit without even thinking about it!  Every monthly box will contain 12-pieces of our fabulous chocolates (which you already love), and a bag of one of our four covered items: Caramel Chocolate Hazelnuts, Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Salty Chocolate Almonds and Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans.

So you’ll always be ready whenever your chocolate-craving strikes.

PLUS you'll become the official taste-testers and trend-setters!  Garden Box subscribers get a sneak peak into the new and exciting treats and flavors coming out of our kitchen with bonus goodies throughout the year.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Each box ships free to you on the first Monday of the month, with the option to add anything to the box the week before, to be INCLUDED in the free shipping!  Just keep an eye on your email for your EXCLUSIVE Garden Box subsrciber's coupon code the last week of the month before.

Now you’re probably wondering, “All this is clearly too good to be true … it’s gotta cost a fortune, right?”  Nope!  Garden Box comes to you for only $33 per month.  That’s a heck of a savings (and for those who like seeing the math laid out like I do):

12-pack of chocolates:               $28

1 bag of our covered items:       $11

+ Medium Shipping:                   $8.50                         


 Which means your Garden Box is a savings of $14.50, and that doesn’t include the bonus goodies throughout the year!

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today, and be the first one of your friends to experience the luxury of chocolates delivered straight to your door each month.

Jocelyn Gragg
Jocelyn Gragg


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