First Sale and Parktoberfest, y'all!

Hello lovely people!

This week has been completely crazy, in the best way!  We had our first sale from our online store, YAY!  A lovely, beautiful couple here in Atlanta bought some of our Something For Everyone boxes to give as gifts at their wedding, and it just made my day.  Best wishes for y'all's wedding on Saturday, Gen and Justin!

We've also been super busy preparing for Whittier Mill Village's Parktoberfest, which is this Saturday, 10/17 from 3pm to 10 pm.  (If you've never been to Whittier Mill Village, holy cow you should go.  We're super lucky that one of our very good friends, Rob, lives there and we've spent quite a few evenings in the park.  So gorgeous!)  

So what will we be doing there?  I'm glad you asked!  We're pairing up with Banfi Wines (who are based on Long Island, so obviously I'm a fan ...) and we're pouring their Brachetto d'Acqui which is a semi-sweet, lightly sparkling red wine from Piedmont.  It also happens to go amazingly with all things chocolate!  So we're offering a taste of the wine and a choice of two chocolates for $3.  Or, for $5, you can compare and contrast the flavors of both chocolates with the wine!  

We had a lot of fun picking out the two flavors that would go best with the wine, and settled on our Valrhona Caraibe dark chocolate ganache, and Not Your Mama's PB&J.  The Caraibe is everything you'd want from a dark chocolate ganache - smooth, lightly sweet, a touch of acidity and some really great fruity notes.  The Not Your Mama's PB&J is a play on the classic sandwich, but features a Tahini (toasted, ground sesame seeds) ganache and is topped with Raspberry, all in a Valrhona dark chocolate shell.  Both are fantastic by themselves, but superb with the wine!

Buy your tickets here:

We hope to see you there!

Jocelyn Gragg
Jocelyn Gragg


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