Happy Hazelnut Friday!

Happy Friday, lovely people!

I'm gonna let y'all in on a secret ... the reason we've been a little quiet over here is 'cause we've been busy doing R&D on some new recipes, and we just put the finishing touches on our first chocolate covered item! (and stay tuned, more are coming soon!)

Y'all, I am so excited to introduce to you: Caramel-Chocolate Hazelnuts



This beauty is our amazing panning machine, and it's been working tirelessly all week getting stocked up to put our hazelnuts on the shelves.  Basically, it's a rock tumbler - hazelnuts (for now! hint hint) go in and slowly spin and tumble around as small amounts of warm chocolate are ladled in.  Each nut gets perfectly coated until it's the addictive little morsel that are now on sale!  

These hazelnuts are first drageé (french for 'dredged') in caramelized sugar, then get covered in Valrhona 62% dark chocolate, then get hit with Valrhona's Dulcey which is caramelized white chocolate.  Finally, they get a quick toss in some cocoa powder.  The result?  Bitter chocolate hits the palate first, then slowly melts into dulce-de-leche-awesomeness and a toasted nut crunch.  

No joke, I think I gained 7 pounds 'cause they are THAT addictive.  I'm no longer allowed to keep them on my desk.  But if you have more self control than I do (not hard, really, I'm literally a kid in a candy store over here...) these adorable baggies are resealable!  So you can save some for later, and share with friends.  But you may wanna just get some extra, just in case. 

Jocelyn Gragg
Jocelyn Gragg


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