Our Big Week, pt 1

Hello Lovely People!

Since the last blog post was filled with more of my random ramblings than usual, I'll keep this one quite brief...
We've got several big announcements coming this week so you'll wanna stay tuned!

The first bit of fun came with the release of our Valentine's Day flavors last week; and we're had amazingly lovely responses to the flavors so far and as always, I'm thrilled and overcome with emotion.

Our second bit of fun is this:  Our Salty Chocolate Almonds are up for sale!  These are pretty fun; we brine amazing California almonds in a salt solution, then cover them in Valrhona's delicious 66% Caraibe dark chocolate - we're pretty fond of this chocolate, you may have noticed - and then toss them in cocoa powder and sugar.  

As you're looking for your Valentine's gifts (hint, hint!), pop over to the covered items section and check them ;) 

Jocelyn Gragg
Jocelyn Gragg


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