Our Big Week, pt 2

Hello lovely people!

And a special hello to everyone who went to check out our new Salty Chocolate Almonds and Valentine's Boxes!

Carrying on with our big week of announcements ... (drumroll please) our second covered item release:

Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Hands down our most snackable-by-the-handful treat thus far: local Georgia peanuts are slow roasted, candied, then rolled in Valrhona's Jivara milk chocolate, then they're tossed with cocoa powder.  Hel-lo delicious.  And to give you, my lovely fans, some awesome bang for your buck, these babies are packaged in larger quantities than the almonds and hazelnuts - 4.2 oz.  Yahoo!

Jocelyn Gragg
Jocelyn Gragg


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