January 20, 2016


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Valentines Day Yay! ...maybe

Hello lovely people! 

As I'm sure you're aware (and if you're not, well, I'm not sure what to tell you!) a very big holiday is a-coming!  Valentine's Day is right around the corner and after a brief vacation from work (and 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls later), I'm super happy to be back in creation mode in the kitchen.  I was never (and still not) a huge celebrator of Valentine's Day; it always felt like a contest in high school and college.  But, I do really like the traditional meaning behind the celebration.

The story goes that during the rule of Roman Emperor Claudius, St. Valentine was caught performing catholic marriages.  At that time, Rome wasn't the seat of Christianity as it is today, and doing anything perceived as "helping" catholics was a crime punishable by death.  Even (and possibly especially) in modern society, I can totally get behind celebrating a man who helped fulfill the wish of those truly in love, despite going against the government to do it.  So I'm all for Valentine's Day, just not always in the mushy-mainstream type way.

With that in mind, and after trip down memory lane to hating V-Day in my formative years (I was an awkward kid, big shock! and was often single come February), I had a lot of fun with our first round of 2016 seasonal offerings.

Milk Chocolate & Strawberry: fresh strawberries from last year were retrieved from their frozen hibernation and made into jam, which is then topped with a light and creamy milk chocolate ganache
Caramelized White Chocolate Ganache: White chocolate is slow cooked until all the milk solids turn to a beautiful gold brown dulce-de-leche style deliciousness, and turned into ganache.  No frills, but super addictive.
Blood Orange Caramel
: I love blood oranges and have from the very first time I tasted them.  We found some beautiful ones this winter and added their juice to some slightly bitter, slightly sweet caramel.
Dark Chocolate & Dried Chile Pepper:  We pulverized some amazing dried chili peppers and mixed them  with Valrhona's delicious 66% Caraibe dark chocolate and finished it with a house-made pepper tincture.  There's definitely heat here!  Not for the faint of heart ... but love never is.

And to fulfill all your V-Day needs, we've put together 3 box choices for you to best take advantage of these limited time flavors...

Single And Loving It: Are you a strong independent chocoholic that don't need no one stealing your candy?  This ones for you - 1 of each flavor to savor in any way you choose!
We Can Share: Be cute and share, and you and your special someone can each taste each of the 4 fun flavors, then compare your thoughts! Adorable.
Two For You, One For Me:  AKA, the one Jacob asked for specifically.  Not only do I not share, I sometimes steal other peoples' chocolates. What?  They eat too slow!  And I'm sure there are more like me out there ...  You guessed it, 3 of each flavor.

So there ya have it!  Hop on over and buy your boxes before it's too late!  Be sure to order by 2/10 to guarantee delivery in time for Valentines.

He loves me, even though I don't share my chocolate