Easter Bunny Wrap Up

Hello all you lovely, fabulous, and unfailingly generous people!

I hope y'all had an amazing Easter and are enjoying whatever version of Spring your particular part of the world is enjoying (or, possibly, just enduring).  My apologies to my friends up North, I hear y'all got some more snow this week :(

Just a quick post today to show that I haven't been eaten by the abominable-spring-time-snowman, and to let you know that after all was said and done, we were able to raise $300 for the Georgia House Rabbit Society!  This money will go a long way towards helping these amazing people give food, shelter (and most importantly) medical care to the rabbits in their charge.  This donation will keep 3 rabbits at the shelter healthy, safe and happy for a full month, or will allow 4 rabbits to be spayed, and therefore become adoptable.  

I can personally attest to the astounding expenses that can rack up with an ill rabbit; our baby Fernet had a medical emergency last month.  But thanks to the fabulous staff at GHRS, she is perfectly healthy again, and back to giving us the disapproving looks for which she's so famous ... 

Thanks again for helping us to support this amazing charity, and shed a little light on the plight of the Easter Bunny.  Keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming 'atcha ... there are big things on the horizon!

Our Big Week, pt 4

Hello lovely people!

Got a little riddle for y'all today ... what do these two pictures have in common?  


It's a weird one, I know.  So i'll tell you!  The first pic is my and Jacob's beloved bun Jivara, who passed away last year.  He was the 'husbun' ( I swear I didn't make up that term) and bonded to our other bun, Fernet Branca.  The 2nd pic is Jivara's namesake, Valrhona's fantastic 40% milk chocolate, and one of my absolute favorite chocolates in the world.  

We came to become crazy bunny people due in large part to the amazing work of a shelter in Marietta, GA that is just for bunnies.  Its a little known fact that rabbits are the 3rd most popular companion animal, just after dogs and cats!  Unfortunately, they are also abandoned with alarming regularity.  People think they make great 'starter pets' for kids, and nothing could be further form the truth.  Shortly after Easter, in particular, the Georgia House Rabbit Society sees a huge rise in abandoned rabbits in their shelter due to people realizing that rabbits are a 10 year commitment and very high maintenance.  So we're super excited this year to be a part of GHRS's MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE easter campaign.

These adorable buns are modeled after Jivara (who's ears were usually in weird positions, but never long enough to get a picture) and also made from Jivara milk chocolate!  Each order contains 2 unique bunnies, a head shot and story of an adoptable bun currently in GHRS, and we'll ship them to you FOR FREE the week of March 21st.  And the best part is that a portion of the sales will be donated right back to GHRS.  So do some good this Easter for an animal in need, plus get some freakin' delicious (and obnoxiously cute!) bunnies for your baskets this year!